From every experience we should bring only wisdom and nothing else.

From every experience we should bring only wisdom and nothing else, otherwise we risk ending up like the cat that sits on the hot lid of the stove in the kitchen. The cat will never sit on the hot lid in the kitchen again… and that’s good. But at the same time the cat will never sit on a cold lid again.

This lesson from Mark Twain explains just what happens to many new distributors in network marketing.

They turn to the first person that crosses their minds, they get a big NO, and they never turn to anyone else again.

It is clear, in this profession many things are wrong.

Many things don’t work in MLM.

And in this blog I told you about it dozens of times …

Even in the free video course theNetworkFormula I dispelled many myths.

But no matter what strategies you put in place, you will always find obstacles… it is like this in network marketing, it is like this in business and it is like this in life in general.

The important thing is not to allow the momentary failure to affect your entire future.

New networkers expect people from all over the universe to be kind, friendly and jump for joy just to hear the business proposal.

But that doesn’t happen.

And here the moment is extremely delicate … from every negative experience we must collect only the wisdom that is contained …

Nothing else.

Every rejection you receive shows you only what is NOT working.

There was something wrong with everything you did.

-It could be your attitude.

– It could be your communication.

-It could be that you haven’t chosen the right person.

– It could be that you didn’t make the right offer.

-It could be that you didn’t choose the right time etc …

Here, of course, you should go through a complete and detailed path like theNetworkFormula to get a guide on how to improve in each of these points.

But what I would like to get into your head now is that rejection is actually a fantastic indicator of whether your sales / recruit system is set up correctly.

A far better indicator than “I think about it”, “then I’ll do it” “as soon as I have time, I’ll contact you” and all the other vague and abstract answers that don’t give you precise feedback.

And giving up because you have been rejected is truly absurd.

When you eat poor food, then stop eating any other food?
When you watch a boring movie, then stop watching all the movies?
When you make a mistake at work then you stop working forever?
When you lose to trump then you never play again?
Obviously we can stand here and give all the examples in the world.

Mark Twain’s lesson is …

Don’t let a defeat stop you from trying again.

Lately, many networkers have been writing to me saying that they would like to start the full theNetworkFormula journey, but they have taken so many beating, that they are extremely demoralized and discouraged.

They got burned just like the cat Mark Twain talks about.


No business is perfect.

Network marketing is not flawless
But there are some advantages you don’t find in any other business model
(here you can read network marketing compared to employee work).

Surely the game is worth the candle, but as in every sector there are the right working methods and the wrong working methods.

If you’ve already put your upline’s advice into practice and are unable to make sales and signups… then it’s clear that something is wrong with this method.

You received a NO and now is not the time to cry and complain, but to analyze the answer.

Probably the strategies you apply will not work or are not the right ones for YOU.

– And if calling acquaintances you haven’t heard from for 10 years, just to invite them to the mega event that will change their life, isn’t that a great idea?

-And if talking about luxury cars, villas with swimming pools and repeating how cool you feel because you are a distributor of company X … isn’t that a good idea?

-What if the fitting dress you had made is not enough to show people that you are there why you REALLY want to help them?

I think the key to success lies precisely in this life lesson that Mark Twain shared with us.

Don’t let small falls shape your future.

Changing and improving is always possible.

It is clear that if you do not have results from your network now, it means that there is something you are not doing well or you are failing to do something important.

This is not to say that MLM doesn’t work.

Give yourself one more chance.

It’s worth it.

Do not think that starting a Srl is so simple or that working as an employee is quiet and carefree.

Whether you like it or not, the world is changing.

Companies are increasingly results-oriented and part of the corporate risk will also fall on the shoulders of employees …

Psychologically or through an incentive bonus.

So, even if now you are convinced that network marketing is only for “stage vampires” and you are losing hope …

Watch this free video because perhaps if your networking business didn’t start out as you expected you aren’t building any of the pillars that MLM is built on.