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I think that all this is possible as evidenced by one of the many videos that show the participation of many people from all parts of the world. 

Is it really possible to make money with this Industry?

For several years now, earning with network marketing has become one of the methods that are heard of, more and more frequently, when it comes to the various systems that can be used to make money with the internet.
But what is network marketing, also known as multi level marketing? Let’s try to give a brief definition, as there is really a lot of confusion in this regard.
Network marketing is, in practice, a system for selling products and services based on a network of vendors, each of which has the ability to create, in turn, its own sales network without having to invest huge capital.
Wanting to mention the most famous companies that use this sales and distribution system, it is impossible not to remember at least these:
Amway, Herbalife, Avon, Xango, Organo, etc.

Now, you need to know that some of these companies have been around for decades. In short: long before the birth of the internet. Therefore, the talk of earning with network marketing is not born thanks to the web, because it is a type of business that is in some ways “old” that has been working for a long time, even without the internet.

You may be wondering what network marketing has to do with a site dedicated to ways to make money with the internet. It is important because, in recent years, there has been a change in the way of working in multi-level marketing which, in a clear and decisive way, has increasingly migrated from offline to online …

Before continuing, let’s take a step back. You must know that in this distribution system the lion’s share is not so much the sale of the product / service, which in any case exists and has its fundamental importance, but the continuous recruitment of sellers / distributors (called networkers) who, in turn, will recruit new sellers / distributors and so on… The money is on the Net.

What has just been described is the essence on which network marketing is based, compared to common sales systems. In practice: while in the latter you earn commissions only on the sales that have been generated directly by you, in multi-level marketing you can earn substantial percentages also on the overall turnover generated by your network of networkers.

Network marketing can rightly be included in all those systems that are based on pyramid marketing however, unlike some illegal models such as the chain of San Antonio or the Ponzi scheme, the income in this case does not derive from ‘pure and simple recruitment of new people within the system, but from the volume of sales that the various employees are able to generate.

What has just been said is of fundamental importance, since there is often a lot of confusion between the legal systems (such as network marketing) based on pyramid marketing and those that are instead prosecuted by the law because they are deemed to be totally illegal.
Wanting to sum up: making money with network marketing is certainly possible but it requires time, energy, passion and above all professionalism and desire to do.


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