Learn How to Set Your Goals

Learn “How to Set Your Goals”

Now you will make a commitment to write down your goals and review them often.

Here are some specific instructions on how to best write your goals and use our goal distance to reach the highest level of success.

The first thing you need to do is find seven or more goals that you would like to achieve.

Here is a great technique to help you find gold in key areas of your life. Here’s what I want you to do on a piece of paper so you can make a note and start developing some ideas.

Think mentally if you had a magic wand that you could wave that would make your life perfect in one of these four categories:

1 * What your life and health would be like.

Close your eyes and imagine what your health would be like in a perfect world. You would like to quit smoking or lose weight, exercise more, drink less.

Now do this exercise: twist your magic wand and describe exactly what you would like and what you would be in terms of health.

2 * Your relationships.

What would your relationships be like if you could wave your magic wand? describe your relationship with your family, your spouse, your friends, your relationship with God, your colleagues, and everyone else in your life.

3 * The Income.

What would your income be today and what could it be in a year? How long should it last, working hard every week? How many times would you go on vacation?

Wave your magic wand and write what you would like to achieve.

4 * Financial situation.

Do you have debt? are you saving for retirement? how would you organize yourself if you had no financial worries? In a world of true financial freedom? Once you start achieving your goals there are some specific tricks you need to follow to make them doable.

You can start jotting down seven or more goals or if you need to start with less you could add more later as soon as you have achieved them… important is to start.

On this webpage, we will ask you to write down seven or more goals you would like to achieve in the near future, but if you need a timeline, please specify the goals you want to achieve in the next 12 months.

When writing down your goals it is important that you write them in this very specific format:

1) Write down your goals as if they were already a reality. For example, you might write: “I weigh 175 pounds, live in my dream home, work from my home.” Write them down as if your goal is already real.

2) Write your goals positively and don’t say things like: “I would like to get out of debt, I’m debt-free”. Not writing I will try to lose 15lbs but the right weight of 175lbs. Don’t say you’ll quit your full-time job… but say “I’m my own boss” and the boss and I, we work full-time from home.

3) Each written sentence should begin with “I want“, “I am“, “I love“, “the way I act“.

The word followed by a verb makes it in the present tense, makes it personal, and makes your goal actionable. Only a specific format will help you write the goal you will achieve, so here is my challenge for you. Now you know you should have goals and you know you should write them down.

How many of you will actually do it? Certainly a very, very, very low percentage. That is why, with this article, I have tried to convey simple concepts to you and make it simple for you.

In conclusion.

Enter your goals, write them in a few lines no matter if they are not perfect. It is important that you write them down and keep them insight.

And here’s what we will do when we receive them. We will contact you by email every day, every week, every month whatever you choose.

We will bring them back to your attention so that you can have the great success that other people are receiving.

I wish you the best of success and hope this simple exercise will help you achieve all your dreams.

To your success !!!

Mike Valletta

Global Business Team